Five top tips of content writing

I could sit here all day and throw ideas big and small at you. To save time, I’ve narrowed it down to a top five. Some of these might appear fairly obvious in isolation. Some may not. But add them all together and you will not go far wrong. Read more


Click below to read the latest London Protects update from Met Police Read more

Can you be a Guerilla?

One of the challenges and thrills of being a small brand is that you need a rebellious streak. You just have to. Little brands need to show and prove that they care more for their cause. Guerilla marketing involves high energy and imagination focusing on grasping the attention of the public in more personal and memorable level. Read more

What does the snap announcement of a General Election mean for business?

On Tuesday 18th April, the Prime Minister Theresa May surprised us with the announcement of a snap general election on 8th June 2017. This declaration has triggered much debate and plenty of groaning as we face seven weeks of saturated news coverage. The reasons behind this decision include wanting stability, strong leadership and a sense of certainty, as the UK leaves the EU. Read more

Managed Service Providers increase profitability for SMEs

Managed Service Providers increase profitability for SMEs   MSPs, also known as Managed Service Providers, have become a major part of IT services within the last few years. With the ways that businesses are becoming more reliant on computers, we […] Read more

Don’t use the F*** word. Use the C*** word instead

That’s exactly what I said to my fellow entrepreneurs at a networking event in London – my audience fell silent. “No, no, no! I didn’t mean THAT!”, I reassured them eventually. Let me explain. Read more

3 Tips on How to Improve Cyber Security for Small Businesses

3 Tips on How to Improve Cyber Security for Small Businesses   Cyber security will play an important role in 2017. The speed of Internet and its fast evolving technology leads to even more Cyber threats. Not only big companies […] Read more

Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing? The computer industry has functioned for decades by working from your hard drive however the current trend shows that cloud computing is becoming the norm. Read more

Updated Chamber Logo for 2016

In the summer of 2016, the new President of the Kingston Chamber of Commerce (KCoC) recommended that the Chamber should revitalise their logo identity. The existing KCoC logo had been in existence for over 14 years, and had changed in […] Read more

The future of workspace in Kingston

Kingston Chambers recent event at the Stanley Picker Gallery on The future of workspace in Kingston sparked an interesting discussion. We invited Andrew Sherville, Kingston Councils lead officer for business community & workspace along to introduce the new workspace incubation centre planned to open in Kingston in 2017. Read more

7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Essential for Your Business

7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Essential for Your Business   Regardless of what stage your business is at, marketing is a vital element. After all, this is your opportunity to capture the imagination of your audience to give yourself […] Read more

Is Your Business Truly Tax Efficient?

Financially, for many businesses, October is a funny time of year. Shops and restaurants may be gearing themselves up for Christmas but actually a bit quiet day to day as people pay off summer holidays. Meanwhile service industries can be […] Read more

There’s no need to fear SEO

The world of Marketing and Digital Communications can be a scary place filled with acronyms, and terms you’ve never heard of before. But, what do they mean and do you really need to pay attention to them? Read more

Getting Positive Customer Feedback

When it comes to finding new clients, and especially online clients, every kind of business should aim to get great customer feedback or testimonials Read more

Be a mentor

Local businesses are invited to take part in our scheme as a mentor! The scheme helps second-year and postgraduate students from traditionally under-represented groups achieve their full potential Read more

BHS and what all businesses can learn from it

BHS and what all businesses can learn from it   For some time now we’ve all been following the trials and tribulations of BHS, and hoping that the classic and well-known brand can turn its fortunes around and maintain its […] Read more

How A Brexit Vote Could Spell Uncertainty For Employees

How A Brexit Vote Could Spell Uncertainty For Employees   The Law Of… knowing where you stand With the British public voting to leave the European Union, Partner and specialist in employment law Aneil Balgobin discusses how the break from […] Read more

Windows 10 – free upgrade or paid subscription?

As we almost approach the first year’s anniversary for Windows 10, we also counting down to the end of the free upgrade which finishes this month. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 has been installed on over 300 million devices worldwide Read more

Social media marketing is a two headed beast

Social media marketing is a two headed beast that on one hand, can allow a business the ability to create new sales by connecting with and creating awareness, but it can also just as easily turn on you. Read more

Top Tips for exhibiting at events and trade shows

Top Tips for Exhibitors With the Chamber’s Business Expo coming up in June, we have again been looking at how our exhibitors can make the most of their stands. Exhibiting at shows can be a great way to get your business in front of hundreds […] Read more

Fire Wardens Save You Money and Prevent Tragedy

Failure to provide fire safety training has a lethal cost The humble fire warden is often perceived as the figure in the hi-vis vest who escorts staff and visitors off the premises … But, wait … there is far more to this greatly understated role than many workers or errant employers and owners might imagine. Read more


Encryption Encrypting your devices is a way to make your business’ information, and personal information more secure. Encryption is a technique of encoding data so that only a person with the decryption key can access the data you have encrypted. […] Read more

Two things that make a website great (and two more that definitely DON’T!)

Two things that make a website great (and two more that definitely DON’T!)   Is it high time you refreshed your presence on the web? Maybe your website was created a few years ago, and is looking tired or dated? […] Read more

The Next Generation Firewall

Last month we wrote about Anti-malware and we briefly mentioned that it works together in conjunction with a resistant firewall, but what exactly is a firewall? Read more

What Coaching Is – And What It Isn’t

We all have an idea of a coach – this might be from a sporting perspective, or maybe from going through business or career coaching at work. Read more

Budget 2016 Summary and Highlights

Budget 2016 Summary and Highlights Provided by Bruce Burrowes of TaxAssist Accountants in Wimbledon and Kingston   The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne announced his annual Budget to Parliament today, Wednesday 16th March 2016. The Budget is the government’s annual […] Read more

Networking Tips

At the Chamber we run over 50 events each year and the focus of the majority of these events is networking.  It’s therefore not surprising that we sometimes forget how difficult and intimidating it can be the first time you […] Read more

Top Ten Tips For Building your LinkedIn Presence

Following on from the very successful and informative workshop held last week, we have asked Business Clan to give us their Top Ten Tips For Building your LinkedIn Presence Read more

How to Design an Advert that Works

How to Design an Advert that Works No offence to many of the brilliant and talented graphic designers out there, or skilled desktop designers, but beautiful artwork doesn’t guarantee results or generate sales. I have seen a lot of artwork […] Read more

Anti-virus and how to protect your business

The Internet has become more and more part of our everyday lives. It has enhanced the way we live and work and made it much easier for people to get information, share and communicate. Unfortunately, with these technology advances comes […] Read more