Meet the Kingston Chamber of Commerce Board

Who we are and what we do...

Sue Towner

Financial Director

Sue has lived and worked in accountancy at Jackson Scott, in Chessington for the last 28 years. She admits that she learnt book-keeping in pounds, shillings and pence when everything was prepared by hand then typed up on an old Remington typewriter. Now we are decimalised and use cloud computing – the speed of technology is amazing.

Sue joined Kingston Chamber a few years ago and loves the networking and friendly atmosphere so decided to become more involved and take on the role as Financial Director.

Her hobbies are rather varied – vintage motorcycles, speedway, swimming, reading and she is now learning about greenhouse gardening.  She is most well known at Chamber events for her Petry and so here is one to help you learn a little more about her:

I’ve recently retired from accountancy

And decided what else I’d like to be.

A business agony aunt I thought

So I could pass on what I’ve been taught


By all the mistakes made in many a year,

So I called myself “Your Listening Ear”.

To date a few have talked to me

And I’ve helped them find a way to see


A route out of their business mess

Together we’ve saved too much stress.

But another route has taken hold.

It’s rather daft, but I’ve been told


My poems lighten up the day

As I can find a way to say

That being in business can be fun

So now a poet I’ve become

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