The recommendation is every new business start-up should prepare a Business Plan as this helps to clarify the business idea, identify the market and understand what resources will be needed to get going. However, despite this recommendation, statistically, still more […] Read more

Top Tips for exhibiting at events and trade shows

Top Tips for Exhibitors With the Chamber’s Business Expo coming up in October, we have again been looking at how our exhibitors can make the most of their stands. Exhibiting at shows can be a great way to get your business in front of […] Read more

New awards to celebrate the best of business in Kingston

New awards to celebrate the best of business in Kingston The new Kingston Borough Business Awards launch encourages inspirational businesses to stand up and be recognised for their achievements The Kingston Borough Business Awards (KBBA) have been launched by Kingston […] Read more

A Letter from the ICO

Many businesses have now received a letter from the ICO asking for a registration fee of £40 or £60. We are being asked all the time whether or not the letter is genuine and whether a business needs to pay. […] Read more

How your Business can take advantage of the Buy Local Trend

Attitudes towards supporting our local businesses and local communities have strengthened since the pandemic, with more consumers making a conscious effort to buy more from businesses local to them. This trend has been exacerbated by the fact that there are […] Read more

Get Serious about LinkedIn in 2021

It’s a fact – LinkedIn is the world’s largest social channel for professionals. If you think it’s only for recruiters and job seekers, think again as LinkedIn has come a long way since it first started. I’ll discuss the benefits […] Read more

How to record a Christmas Video Message

How to record a Christmas Video Message A  Christmas Video Message is a really great way to send Season’s Greetings to your family and friends, especially if you are not able to celebrate together. If you are unable to see […] Read more

5 Essential SEO Tips for Chamber Members with Local Business Outlets

Hello from an old Surbitonian now living in deepest Surrey. Viewing the Chamber’s venues brought back fond memories of some of my favourite haunts. This post is to help Chamber members with local business outlets wishing to generate more leads […] Read more

Content messaging in the ‘new normal’​

How should businesses be promoting themselves in a COVID-19 climate? Right now, we’re all in the same boat, whether we’re employees or business owners, never has there been a time of so much uncertainty and risk. Of course, uncertainty leads […] Read more

Social media for small businesses – how you can help people through tough times

You might be nervous of marketing your business at the moment, afraid of seeming insensitive or trying to capitalise on the situation. But what if you could help people? Obviously, you need to be sensitive. People are scared and are […] Read more

Understanding our local retail sector

Kingston Chamber of Commerce is very aware of the retail concerns that our members express to us. The high street is a very emotive and visible reflection of how we feel Kingston is doing but, as we know from all the news reporting, we are not alone Read more

Top Tips – Making the Most of your Membership

Chamber benefits include business development and marketing opportunities, we run through this in detail at our new members meetings, most things you can do yourself via our website but do ask if you’re not sure about anything.  In the meantime here are some tips: Read more

Top Tips for using Social Media Marketing for your Business

Emma Peries, Digital Mother, recently shared her top ten tips for social media for business with attendees at a Wych Networking event. Reda them here.. Read more

How to be a juggling genius

How to be a juggling genius As a business coach, I work with a whole range of people. Some of them have been running their business for years, whilst others are just starting out. Whatever stage they’re at, there’s one […] Read more

Review, Reflect and Reset for 2019

Taking the time to step back from focusing on the day to day running of your business to look objectively at the business can give you a different perspective and create opportunities for change and ultimately greater success. As with […] Read more

Last minute planning to meet your 2018 goals

Planning is everything. One of my clients (let’s call her Anne*) recently told me that she didn’t know how to get everything done. She knew she wanted to make real progress by the end of the year, but wasn’t sure […] Read more

GDPR for exhibitors

For many exhibitors, the purpose of attending an exhibition is lead generation, the action of collecting business cards or contact details is therefore critical to that outcome. However the new GDPR regulations make it more difficult to simply use the data collected for marketing purposes. Read more

Cyber Attack, GDPR

Data Breaches on the Rise

More data was lost or stolen in the first half of 2017 than during the whole of 2016 according to reports. 1.9 billion records were leaked or stolen by criminals up to June 2017, compared to 1.37 billion during all of 2016. Digital security organisation Gemalto’s Breach Level Index was published in September 2017. It revealed that 10.4 million records are swiped or exposed every day. Read more

A quick guide to your one minute in the spotlight

  At your first Chamber networking event you will be invited to speak for one minute, to introduce yourself and your business. At future events you will usually be able to put your business card in a bowl, with a […] Read more

GDPR: Why Cyber Security Has Never Been So Crucial

GDPR: Why Cyber Security Has Never Been So Crucial In just over eight months, one of the most far-reaching and comprehensive pieces of European regulation will change the face of how data is stored, handled and protected. The EU General […] Read more

Moments that matter: Business cards – what to put on them and why

Business cards are an essential part of any meeting, but who reads them, what should go on them and why? A business card 101. This article takes a fictional business card, de-constructs its constituent parts, why they are there, when […] Read more

You only get one chance at a first impression

That’s exactly what I said to my fellow entrepreneurs at a networking event in London – my audience fell silent. “No, no, no! I didn’t mean THAT!”, I reassured them eventually. Let me explain. Read more

Five top tips of content writing

I could sit here all day and throw ideas big and small at you. To save time, I’ve narrowed it down to a top five. Some of these might appear fairly obvious in isolation. Some may not. But add them all together and you will not go far wrong. Read more

Can you be a Guerilla?

One of the challenges and thrills of being a small brand is that you need a rebellious streak. You just have to. Little brands need to show and prove that they care more for their cause. Guerilla marketing involves high energy and imagination focusing on grasping the attention of the public in more personal and memorable level. Read more

Don’t use the F*** word. Use the C*** word instead

That’s exactly what I said to my fellow entrepreneurs at a networking event in London – my audience fell silent. “No, no, no! I didn’t mean THAT!”, I reassured them eventually. Let me explain. Read more

Updated Chamber Logo for 2016

In the summer of 2016, the new President of the Kingston Chamber of Commerce (KCoC) recommended that the Chamber should revitalise their logo identity. The existing KCoC logo had been in existence for over 14 years, and had changed in […] Read more

7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Essential for Your Business

7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Essential for Your Business   Regardless of what stage your business is at, marketing is a vital element. After all, this is your opportunity to capture the imagination of your audience to give yourself […] Read more

There’s no need to fear SEO

The world of Marketing and Digital Communications can be a scary place filled with acronyms, and terms you’ve never heard of before. But, what do they mean and do you really need to pay attention to them? Read more

BHS and what all businesses can learn from it

BHS and what all businesses can learn from it   For some time now we’ve all been following the trials and tribulations of BHS, and hoping that the classic and well-known brand can turn its fortunes around and maintain its […] Read more

Social media marketing is a two headed beast

Social media marketing is a two headed beast that on one hand, can allow a business the ability to create new sales by connecting with and creating awareness, but it can also just as easily turn on you. Read more