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Thursday, September 5th, 2019

Were you aware that your body is made up by 70% of water and that this vital fluid is involved in the transmission of signals throughout your system ?
You should know that there are various factors which determine the development of illnesses and other conditions in your body but, the most common, is the lack of replacement of the water used during daily activities also called “Dehydration”. The symptoms of dehydration are numerous and could include: high blood pressure, cholesterol, fatigue and the inability to remove acidic wastes out of the body.

So, HOW MUCH and WHAT are you drinking ?
Not all waters are the same and bottled waters may not be as healthy as you think they are: pH (potential of hydrogen) and ORP ( Oxidation Reduction Potential ) are rarely mentioned but these two elements are actually vital for the body oxygen contain and for the breakdown of substances . Please be aware that a neutral pH is between 7.30 and 7.45 and what is below to this value is considered acidic and could affect your alkaline body balance.

What actually is making Kangen Ionized Water so unique?
First of all,let me explain what “Ionized” means. Ionized water is also referred to as electrolyzed water ( water exposed to an electric current which separates the charged particles in negative-charged so called acidic and positive-charged so called alkaline).
Now that you know what Ionized means, you must know that Kangen water has three main properties which lead to health benefits:
-High pH
-Low ORP
-Molecular structure

I will tell you more about the three properties in my next blog, but for now you if you like to know more about it, please visit:

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