Creating Your Vision of Success

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Creating Your Vision of Success

Many of us start our own businesses with a fantastic product or service to take to market and launch straight into it before first considering what we are trying to achieve and what success looks like to us. Before we know it, we’re focused entirely on the day to day running of the business and have lost the ability to look beyond the short term demands of running a small business. Taking the time to consider the long-term vision of success can help you plan and prioritise the shortest, most efficient route to meeting and achieving that vision.

All businesses and the individuals behind then have very different measures of success and after working with a wide variety of clients in the Kingston Borough, I wanted to share how I help them to create long-term vision and put a plan in place to ensure it can be achieved.

1. Start with the Big Picture…your “Why”.
• What is the core purpose of your business?
• Why are you doing it?
• How will you benefit?
• Who else will benefit?

2. Create your vision.
• What are you trying to achieve?
• By when?
• How will you know you’ve achieved that vision?
• How do you measure success?
• How will you celebrate that success?

Once you have your vision and have a clear measure of success to know when you’ve achieved success, make sure you articulate is positively and write it down. Pin it somewhere visible to keep you motivated along your path to success.

You will now have complete control over your own success and have the measures of success in place which are right for you while taking into account the other key priorities you have in your life. Once you have a clear vision a plan can be created, goals and priorities put in place and challenges addressed.

As new opportunities and challenges arise, ask yourself the question, “How does this help me reach my long-term vision?” This simple ask will help you keep on track and not deviate from the path towards your vision. You will ultimately be more time efficient, be more targeted in your efforts and maintain a work/life balance that works for you.

Good luck!

Rachel Russell founded Thrive Beyond to help small businesses thrive through empowering, inspirational and motivational business coaching.

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