Understanding our local retail sector

Monday, March 9th, 2020

Kingston Chamber of Commerce is very aware of the retail concerns that our members express to us. The high street is a very emotive and visible reflection of how we feel Kingston is doing but, as we know from all the news reporting, we are not alone. It is fair to say that the issues for retail and digital transformations have combined in a complex and fast changing manner that is unprecedented. We all contribute to the retail debate. It is not enough to step back and say what is the Council or other organisations doing about retail. Individually, we all take decisions about how we shop, where we shop and even the methods of how we purchase.

There are genuine areas of progress. At the end of February 2020, it was announced that Kingston Council and Kingston First had appointed Arup to lead on the development of a new vision for its town centre. The study will look at the opportunities and challenges facing Kingston town centre and will drive its future employment, cultural, education, business, transport and regeneration offer, which will contribute to a successful, vibrant and inclusive centre, supporting the delivery of growth in the borough over the next 15 years.

The Chamber engages with our retail membership, we feedback concerns and opinions to the Council and other strategic partners. There is no one clear answer as the issues are complex and interwoven. However, we believe that greater knowledge can help us understand and allow us to contribute to the debates in a more informed way. We have put together a report which consists of sourced articles from online media over the past two years and provide a range of insights and possible solutions to the health of retail. Read more here and feel free to comment below:

Retail Reports Feb 2020 FINAL


Forbes Low

CEO Kingston Chamber of Commerce


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