Last minute planning to meet your 2018 goals

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Planning is everything. One of my clients (let’s call her Anne*) recently told me that she didn’t know how to get everything done. She knew she wanted to make real progress by the end of the year, but wasn’t sure how.

We started by identifying some key activities that Anne wanted to complete by year end. Then we took each of those activities, broke it down into steps and allocated each step to a week.

By the end Anne had a week by week action plan to take her up to mid December.

She told me she felt so much better! She now knew what she needed to do, by when, to make that real progress.

And then I asked her: “How will I know you’ve done it?”

This was a critical step, because being accountable to someone else dramatically increases the likelihood of completing your actions.

Anne committed to email me every weekend, with a report on her progress.

And so far, she has!

If you want to make some real progress over a short timeframe, you could try the same approach. Remember, the trick is to break each activity or goal into the key steps you need to complete, and then allocate a timescale for it.

You don’t have to allow a week for each action. You could even use this tool to set daily tasks for the week ahead. Just remember to tell someone what you’re doing, and ask them to hold you accountable!

*name changed to protect confidentiality

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