A quick guide to your one minute in the spotlight

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017


At your first Chamber networking event you will be invited to speak for one minute, to
introduce yourself and your business. At future events you will usually be able to put your
business card in a bowl, with a number of cards being drawn at random, and their owners
again having a chance to do a one-minute pitch.
These one-minute slots are a great opportunity to tell everyone who you are and what you
do. If you are a seasoned networker you may well be used to doing this. If not, it can be
disconcerting or even terrifying!

Here is a simple structure to help you prepare for your one minute in the spotlight.
1. Start with your name and either your profession or the name of your business
2. Tell people what you do
3. Say WHY you do it
4. Tell people who you help
5. Offer a ‘Call to Action’ – i.e. ask them to do something (look at your website,
introduce you to someone who might need your help, keep you in mind when they
speak to friends, etc.)
6. Sign off by repeating your name and the name of your business
Here are a couple of simple examples to give you the idea:

Example 1
I am Joe Bloggs and I run Helpful Handyman
I do all those DIY jobs that you have been meaning to get around to – or don’t have the skills
to do
I ‘ve always enjoyed working with my hands and I get real satisfaction from doing a good job
and improving their home for my customers
I can do any job, large or small, but I’m usually to be found in people’s homes dealing with
those odd jobs that you have been putting off for months, such as putting up shelves,
repainting the spare bedroom or installing the new cat flap.
So if you, or your neighbour, friend, parent or offspring need a helpful handyman, give me a
That’s Joe Bloggs, from Helpful Handyman. Thanks.

Example 2
I’m Jane Smith and I am an image consultant
I offer bespoke styling sessions with men and women who need help to improve how they
look so they can feel better about themselves and project a more positive image
I’ve always been interested in fashion and since I was a teenager my family and friends
would ask me to help them pick out clothes that suit them – so I decided to start a business
doing this for others.
Most of my clients come to me either to improve their image at work, or because they want
to look their best for a special occasion such as a wedding.
If you know anyone who has a special occasion coming up and who’ll want to look their
best, please introduce them to me.
Thanks, I’m Jane Smith, your image consultant from ‘Simply Style’.

Top tips
• Keep it simple, don’t overcomplicate your pitch and don’t try to cram too much in.
• Speak slowly and clearly. Even if there’s a microphone, don’t mutter! Imagine you
are talking to the person at the back of the room and project your voice so they can
hear you.
• Practise your one-minute beforehand. Time it to make sure it doesn’t last too long –
better to be 30-40 seconds than over 60. Rehearse it looking in the mirror. If you
have family or friends you can practise on, so much the better.
• And finally, relax and enjoy it. Remember that the others in the room WANT to hear
what you have to say. Chamber members are a friendly bunch and are keen to get
to know you.

More help
I’m Amanda Cullen, and I run Business Made Simpler. I help small business owners to grow
their business and run it better. If you’d like a free one-hour consultation to work on your
one minute, or to discuss anything else in your business, do get in touch.

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