Review, Reflect and Reset for 2019

Sunday, January 6th, 2019

Taking the time to step back from focusing on the day to day running of your business to look objectively at the business can give you a different perspective and create opportunities for change and ultimately greater success.

As with many small business owners in the borough, I have built a business around the flexibility it gives me for a balanced work and family life. With the start of the New Year upon us, now is the perfect time to review the year passed, reflect and celebrate successes and reset goals and priorities for the year ahead.

For this can work in practice within your own business, consider the following questions, challenge yourself and be honest!


Ensuring you set yourself clear and measurable goals for the short, medium and long term along with your own measures of success will ensure you can effectively review, reflect and make the changes required to achieve success. Take time to question:

• Have you met your financial goals?
• How have you achieved against your other measures of success?
• What went well for you?
• What surprised you?
• What didn’t go so well?
• What are the common themes?


As small business owners, so often we are bogged down in the day to day running of the business where we wear the many hats from Finance Director to Marketing Director and everything in between. Take time to consider:

• How has the day to day running of the business changed?
• How are you spending your time?
• Are you working in the most effective way?
• How has your target market changed?


Taking time to reset your goals and priorities will enable you to set realistic and measurable goals to focus on for the short, medium and long term.

• How can you take your learnings from the year past into the year ahead?
• What you want to achieve by January 2021?
• What will you have achieved by this time next year?
• What will you have achieved in the next three months?
• What needs to change in your business?
• What support do you need to achieve your goals?

Taking the time to regularly Review, Reflect and Reset your goals and priorities for your business can give you a measure of success and hold you accountable for achieving that success.

Good Luck!

Blog by Rachel Russell

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