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Unique live text coaching platform 24/7 access.

Assist Coaching has developed an immediate responsive holistic coaching system aimed at supporting wellbeing in the workplace. Leveraging telecommunications and coaching to make coaching accessible to everyone. Immediate responsive text coaching gives all employees access to a trained coach 24/7.

We offer an anonymous coaching service to help employees process their issues, goals, and problems 24 hours a day. It is suited to any size of organisation and can be tailored to return anonymous wellbeing analytics to help both employees and businesses to react quickly to pressing work-related issues.

Recognising that personal performance and business coaching in the workplace can sometimes have limited effectiveness. Employees are often reluctant to divulge personal issues that may be affecting their work because they are scared of being stigmatised, or feel that it may affect their career progression.

Assist Coaching puts confidential coaching at employees’ fingertips. Giving them the space to share and deal with their issues at their own pace wherever they feel comfortable, leading to better health and increased well-being both in and out of the workplace.

Calling upon many years of coaching experience and the latest research Assist Coaching has developed a unique approach to coaching. The Four Step Coaching Model combines the core principles of NLP with a wide range of professional coaching models allowing employees to be effectively coached via mobile text messages whenever they need support.

Our vast network of trained coaches offers bespoke coaching and wellbeing solutions to suit the needs of any size of an organisation.