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New Malden

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Gillian Krajewski

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I offer a supportive, approachable and affordable family mediation solution. I enjoy helping clients agree what will happen next and helping them move forward when things seem stuck. The mediation venue is relaxed, accessible and discreet. Meetings are private, focused and cost just £100 per person. Most clients reach agreement – mediation isn’t always easy, but it is usually successful.

Lots of people are trained in mediation but then have little experience actually doing it. Mediating is all I do and all I have done for many years so my clients feel confident they’re in very safe and experienced hands. This experience includes being appointed on behalf of National Family Mediation to train new mediators joining the mediation profession; supervising a team of Accredited mediators as a Professional Practice Consultant, and, as well as my private practice in New Malden/Wimbledon/Chessington, I am a family mediator belonging to a large, not for profit family mediation practice in the London Borough of Richmond.

Here is a link to my website or please do phone or email me, in confidence, to find out more. The first meeting is all about ‘having a look’ at mediation before clients decide if it is the best way forward for them in particular. We go forward to mediation when everyone is willing.

And finally, I’d like to share some feedback from Krajewski Mediation clients I’ve been privileged to support –

"Gillian has done an excellent job. Very professional at all times. Very efficient. Lovely easy manner to put us both at ease."

"Gillian took control of our heated discussions very well and held a steadfast balance throughout, managing to cater for our specific needs and individual concerns. A professional and practical approach was maintained throughout providing a valuable use of time. Thank you Gillian."

"Sessions with Gillian were excellent and very helpful for setting a future plan. Highly recommended."

"Gillian was the perfect mediator for us. She listened carefully to what each of us had to say and was always fair in her mediations. A lovely lady all round and extremely kind and sensitive to our position."

"Excellent. Very professional, objective, fair."

"Gillian was very professional, patient, knowledgeable, and ideal person to help us through our situation. A very big ‘thank you’!"

"I thought Gillian was an absolute professional with a warm and human touch that made dealing with the tough elements much more beneficial and positive."

"Gillian is very approachable, diligent, professional and clear. It was of great help to have her experience to reach our Memorandum of Understanding."

Thanks for reading to the end. Wherever you go from here, I wish you all the very best in keeping to a minimum the financial as well as the emotional costs of separation and divorce and in finding Support. Direction. Resolution.