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Marketing Tech’s mission is to help as many businesses as possible harness affordable mobile technology to help them grow, whether it is progressive web apps, native apps or multi-screen websites today, chat bots tomorrow or something else that’s available, affordable and commercially tried and tested.

We do this through applying a combination of research-backed marketing expertise and advice on the right technology for your business

We know all too well how it feels like when you work with an agency who does a slick pitch, promises the earth but doesn’t deliver, leaves a hole in your budget and your business in a lurch. Or when a vendor delivers the technology but does not get involved with the implementation (of course not all agencies and vendors are alike, but one bad experience is enough)

Together with Technology Partner, Eazi-Apps, Marketing Tech helps B2C businesses grab a share of their customer’s attention on their smartphones. We offer app marketing consulting, app training and online courses to ensure your investment will generate results.