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We are two Chartered Psychologists, who met at work more than 20 years ago and now have growing up twin girls and a thriving, niche business. We have specialised in coaching across individuals, groups and whole systems. We are each very different. Even how we trade is different.

Alison works with individuals who are at the creative edge of their professions, under her own name, as well as with leaders in corporate and senior government roles. She brings climate coaching, empowering individuals and organisations to shift their mindsets about what is possible.

Gordon works at the corporate level under the more formal company name. He runs many performance psychology programmes for leaders from around the world (virtually) that build coaching skills across the leadership layers within his clients. Coupled with this, he runs strategic off sites with teams working on their business with greater effectiveness.

Our business and work is geared towards a flourishing future for each of us and the generations yet to come. We are deeply committed to creating a way of life that is aligned to a living planet. Alison blends working in community locally and globally across the profession of coaching. She co-founded the Climate Coaching Alliance, and is always writing a book with someone.