Think Green!

THINK GREEN is a series of bite size webinars to help businesses understand growth opportunities in the green economy.

Date: 25th May
Start Time: 10.00am
End Time: 11.00am
Location: Online Event

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Think Green: Taking your next green steps

Businesses have gone through various challenges during the last three years and one thing that has become clear to them is that they need to change. They need to take advantage of new business opportunities and adapt to new circumstances, including increased costs and a shortage of resources. Therefore, saving resources, such as energy and raw materials, and reducing the running costs of their business, while at the same time benefiting society and/or the environment, has become paramount.

Recognising the important role that businesses play in addressing climate change, as well as the challenges that businesses face in achieving Net Zero emissions, Kingston Council launched the Green Business Challenge pilot in December 2021. Ten small businesses received support from the project; they developed policies, took measures to reduce the negative impact they had on the environment and achieved a Green Mark Certificate. Now they are ready to share their experience with other businesses to assist them in their journey.

Kingston Council, in partnership with Kingston Chamber of Commerce, invites all businesses in and around the borough, to join our next THINK GREEN bite size discussion: Taking your Next Green Steps.

This Roundtable Discussion will bring light to the following questions:

● What low-cost actions could businesses across all the sectors implement to become more efficient and reduce emissions and costs?

● How can businesses deal with the financial challenges created by the pandemic and at the same time become greener? Good practice examples?

● What kinds of tools and technologies (e.g sensors, IoT & Apps) are currently available to enable businesses to decarbonise and make savings?

● What barriers constrain businesses from becoming greener and how could these barriers be removed?

● Did they find the Green Mark assessment useful and why? Was the Green Mark process easy?

● How have businesses benefited from the improvements they made?

● How important is the triple bottom line business concept of Profit, People, Planet? Can you make a positive social and environmental impact without affecting financial performance negatively?

● Any advice to other businesses?

Register today to join this informative webinar. Attendee contact details will be shared with both partners (Kingston Council and Kingston Chamber of Commerce)