ASCA - Addiction Support and Care Agency

Our Chosen Charity 2018/19

ASCA is an established local community based organisation providing (c. 1990), a range of confidential support services in Richmond and Kingston. Although we do not charge for our services, an appropriate weekly donation ensures people have access to our service whatever their financial circumstances while at the same time supporting a small local charity.  

We offer one to one counselling and group services for

  • alcohol and drug misusers
  • people experiencing process addictions eg computer gaming, gambling, sex, pornography
  • carers, family members, friends and anyone affected by the addiction of others
  • people in recovery from addiction who are experiencing difficulties in their lives
  • people experiencing mild mental health issues eg anxiety/depression, that are under the current management of a mental health professional and/or GP

If you meet the above criteria then please contact us directly by telephone for further information and/or arrange an initial assessment appointment.

We strongly advise health and social care professionals contact us directly for a more detailed referral criteria before passing our details to your patients/clients.   

If we are unable to help you, our team will be able to point you to a service which may be more appropriate.

We are situated at 2 sites, one in Richmond the other in Surbiton

Find out more about the Charity at