Could a student solve your business challenges?

Friday, September 25th, 2015


KU Talent (Kingston University’s career service) are inviting SME organisations to take part in an exciting new programme for students, to gain practical experience and insights into the working environments of SMEs. Students will form part of a consultancy project team working in groups to solve specific business challenges set by SMEs through a modular programme.

Students will produce a confidential piece of work that will examine practical business issues and research to provide suitable recommendations and solutions for your company.

You will need to provide a clearly defined project and access to key resources, plus relevant information if required (e.g. data). You will benefit from free, consultancybased research and students will be paid by Kingston University to work on the project. The programme also provides you with the opportunity to engage with students for any recruitment opportunities while also contributing to any corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Before the programme begins, students will need to visit your organisation to understand brief further as well as other aspects of the project (e.g. gathering secondary data, interviewing)

Commitment and timescales

Expected input from interested organisations:

  • Identification of a clear and suitable project for students to work on in groups
  • Provision of necessary material/information for the students
  • Meetings with the students (introductory meeting and a final presentation)
  • Feedback and evaluation at the end of the project
  • Representatives of your organisation to attend an event to celebrate the success of programme.


Key benefits for participant organisations

  • A free and confidential piece of work with recommendations and supporting information that has been prepared by the students.


  • An opportunity for you to increase your brand awareness amongst students


  • An opportunity to feed into your CSR aims and objectives.


  • Scope to recruit students into the organisation


  • You may apply for several projects but due to expected high number of applications, each individual project will be assessed against a set of criteria related to the suitability of the project.


If you have already identified projects that would benefit from research and you would like to find out more about the programme or any of our other services then please contact:

Sam Gerrard, SME Employability Consultant on 0208 417 7445

Email: [email protected]

Closing date for SME project submissions is Friday 16th October 2015.