RBK Business Community Strategy

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

community business strategy

Strong, successful and sustainable businesses impact on many aspects of our borough residents’ lives, ranging from work experience and employment to places to study, eat, shop and be entertained. For this reason, supporting businesses to develop, grow and be successful in Kingston upon Thames is one of our key commitments.

A Business Community Strategy has been developed to guide a programme of activities with a focus on remaining competitive, ensuring our businesses are thriving and that our young people are fulfilling their potential.

The strategy has been developed in conjunction and through consultation with partners and business community stakeholders and covers all business sectors, all business types and all areas of the borough. It aims to bring partners together to deliver a focused business support programme that will:

  • support development of the business community to deliver future jobs, skills and prosperity
  • promote two-way communication between the business community and business support partners
  • maximise business support resources and their funding likelihood
  • ensure the business community is confident about where best to obtain information, how to have their say and how to make things happen

Delivery of the business strategy will be driven by a five year action plan developed by stakeholders.