Annual Event Pass

Annual Event Pass


The annual pass is the perfect solution for any company who regularly attends Chamber events.  The annual pass is in the name of the business, not the person, allowing you to send any employee along to each event.  Purchasing a pass enables an employee of your business to attend breakfast and lunch events throughout the year and therefore represents a huge saving on the regular booking rates.

  • 1 place at each breakfast and lunch throughout the year plus a selection of special events such as the AGM and Christmas Party. (minimum 20 events)
  • Any one employee can attend per event
  • No more booking fees! (saving approx. £1.85 per booking)
  • Reducing the cost per event by over 30% ! *

AEPass_V4£300 per year + vat


The Annual Event Pass symbol will appear on all events that are offered as part of the pass


“The Chamber Annual Event Pass was a great idea and offers excellent value for money. I attend all the breakfast meetings and over the course of the year my top ten therapists attend the lunches!”   Mike



To Purchase your Annual Event Pass, please complete the form below

Annual Event Pass

Only current Chamber members can purchase an annual event pass. Please see full terms and conditions.
  • The business must already be a member of the Chamber to purchase an annual event pass


Terms & Conditions
1. Can be purchased at any time during the year and will be valid for one calendar year from the date payment is received and an Annual Pass code is issued.
2. The Annual Event Pass can only be purchased by a current up to date member of the Chamber. Membership must be maintained for the duration of the pass period or the package is forfeited.
3. 1 (One) place per qualifying event will be allocated to the ‘Annual Pass Holder’s business.
4. The Annual Pass does not guarantee free attendance at all Chamber events. All regular monthly breakfast and lunch events will be included plus some additional special events. The Chamber will offer Annual Pass holders a place to attend a minimum of 20 events per calendar year. Some events may be excluded from the Annual Pass, this will be clearly noted on the individual event details published on the website
5. The place must be pre-booked via the usual online booking system by the date shown on each event listing. If this is not booked by the date shown, the allocated place at the event will be released. Where places at an event are limited, all bookings, including Annual Pass holders, are made subject to availability. No admittance will be accepted on the day of the event unless pre-booked.
6. Details of how to make an online booking using the Annual Pass code will be sent only on receipt of payment. The Annual Pass code will be provided to the individual whose name appears on the Annual Pass submission form, this person will be responsible for managing the use of, and access to, the Pass code within their business
7. The attendee must be a current employee of the business that purchased the Annual Pass. For the avoidance of doubt, pass sharing is a breach of these Terms and any attempted use of an Annual Pass by someone other than an employee, will result in attendance being refused and the Annual Pass being revoked without compensation.

*Average event cost of £20 + £1.85 booking fees.  Attend all 20 events at £21.85 = £437. Based on this the Annual Pass at £300 represents a 31% saving.